5 Reasons why you should hire an Interior Designer

Ever wonder why you should hire and interior designer in the times of YouTube, Pinterest and social media? There's so much to see out there because we live in an era of information overload which instead of being beneficial, it becomes confusing and overwhelming. With that idea in mind, I thought it would be helpful to write about five of the reasons I believe are the most important in hiring an interior designer.

1- Interior Designers  are translators of your style 

Whether you acknowledge it or not, you already have a style. Everyone does. You may not know how to define it, or how to translate into your space, but there's always a style that you provably gravitate towards. You buy things for your home that you love, but sometimes you get that feeling where you are not sure if it makes sense when you put it all together. Sometimes, you just need help from your interior designer to combine your pieces. A lot of people have pieces that they love, but they can't make them "talk to each other'". 

That's why interior designers are the solution to that problem. Not only can they create a space that reflects your style and personality, but also your they can add that "wow factor" that only professionals can achieve. By hiring  an interior designer, you will have a unique space that is you. And be ready to answer a lot of questions like "where did you get that?".

2- Interior Designers can save you time and money

Picture this: you decide to make over your bedroom. You want to buy new furniture, you go to Ikea, you love what you see on the floor, you buy it, you bring it home, and after hours and hours of assembly nightmares, you are finally done with your new bedroom! The only problem though, it does not even look similar to what you saw at the store. Insert unhappy face here. Although this is very frustrating, you can return that furniture, but no one will give you back that time my friend.

This is a very common problem because the set up for furniture in these places is so much different in terms of scale, size, lighting and proportions in comparison to your house, that you can't tell when you are in there because you lose track of the scale and proportions of your own space. 
Interior designers are trained in space planning and know how to arrange furniture so it looks harmonious. 

3- Interior Designers can help you shape your lifestyle

Have you ever been to an office that is absolutely depressing? Or a space has absolute zero vibes?How do you feel in that space? What's your mood? If you spend time in a space that is totally uninspiring, you most likely feel uninspired yourself. If not, think about a bathroom that has been designed to give you the "spa" feeling or that kitchen that has been designed to "entertain" and host amazing gatherings. Obviously, those spaces were designed with that function or purpose in mind, so if you upgraded to a kitchen built for entertaining, you will entertain on a regular basis because the layout and all the other elements in the space allow you to do that.

When interior designers create a space, they take into account the activities that you are going to be doing in the space, but always try to plan -if the space provides it- additional areas for you to utilize that space in a different way. So maybe,  now that you have an additional reading nook in your bedroom that your interior designer uncovered, you can actually read more in your bedroom. In other words, by adding function to a space, interior designers can help you shape your lifestyle.

4- Interior Designers can help you stay on budget

No matter how big or small your budget is, an interior designer will help you stay on budget. One very common problem presents to many people when they to go to any of these furnitures stores to buy something they need, and they walk away with a lot more than they anticipated because of the marketing strategies like "the more you buy, the more you save". Or promotions where you can get a free tv if you buy the whole overstuffed, enormeous sectional.

Interior designers can skip all that because they can get "to the trade" prices which are much competitive than any other sales. Some stores have items that are exclusive to designers and do not go into the retail world. Also,  interior designers can help you save money by repurposing things that you probably didn't think would work with your space. And that's where the creativity explodes.
In addition, and probably this is the most exciting part, with new e-design services interior designers can provide you with the entire furniture layout, lighting plan and a shopping list and you can start buying your pieces at your own pace according to your budget.

5- Interior Designers can help you add value to your home

Interior designers can add value to your home by adding character, architectural interest and create focal points in crucial areas. If you want to sell your home,  hiring an interior designer can help you solve the problem of having potential buyers not being able to picture themselves living in YOUR home.

In addition, designing your home for sale you will add more value. In the same way that interior designers can add a ton of personality to your space, they can also "neutralize it" to make it less personal and more attracting for future buyers. Because let's be honest, realtors are just selling the house. They can give you some suggestions about how to utilize certain spaces, but most people are visual and need to see it in person to get an idea about how to make a space work for "their" every day needs. That's exactly what interior designers do when they provide staging services. By depersonalizing your home and designing it "to sell" you will be adding a much higher value to your home, and chances are it will sell faster.

 I hope you find these five reasons helpful to develop an understanding about the importance of hiring an interior designer. After all, your home is where you live the life you have always dreamed of.

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